My name is Matthew Lawrence and I make games, videos, and other media. presskit()

Currently, I am a college student who has taken up independent game development as a hobby outside of my CS degree. My main project is Enchain, a small, experimental first person shooter which I develop alone. I started out making games at about 13 years old, learning Flash and later Unity + C# over the years.

Below you will find a brief list of my projects.

ENCHAIN (2017-Present)

ENCHAIN is a retro inspired FPS with a focus on grapple chain mechanics, dynamic platforming, and intertwined exploration. In development, try demo on Steam.

Reveal Trailer
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Game Jolt

Harvesterado (2020)

Mouse-only survival farming western.
Created for Miz Jam 2020

Barrel Roll (2020)

Two-button 3D flight simulator about doing barrel rolls.
Created for VGDC Spring Game Jam 2020

Time Sweeper (2020)

Local multiplayer party game about surviving on a clock. Made with Alvin Wong and Brandon Foey.
Created for VGDC Winter Game Jam 2020

A Froggy Day (2019)

One-button rain catching frog game about mechanical mastery and egg protection.
Created for GMTK Game Jam 2019

Bionic (2014-2017)

CS-inspired multiplayer shooter with custom bot and map support. Partial web browser support.

Game Jolt

Astral Fantasy (2018)

Mixing of space physics and turn-based retro RPG elements.
Theme: Combine 2 Incompatible Genres
Ludum Dare Entry (TOP 100 IN 5 CATEGORIES)

Gaia (2017)

Platformer with interactive clouds used to jump through levels. Theme: Small World

Game Jolt
Ludum Dare Entry

Super Battle Cycle (2017)

Drive around a toy motorcycle swinging boxes into enemies. Theme: One Room

Game Jolt
Ludum Dare Entry

Fugitive Shift (2016)

Use a team of escapees with special powers to find the exit. Theme: Shapeshift

Game Jolt
Ludum Dare Entry

Edo Arena (2016)

Swing to leap into the air, building combos off of enemies. Theme: Two Buttons

Game Jolt
Ludum Dare Entry