mattlawr is solo indie game developer Matthew Lawrence who began making games in 2014. His current project is ENCHAIN, a small, experimental first person shooter.


Matthew Lawrence is a university student from California majoring in Computer Science. Before college, he would spend time absorbing YouTube videos about Unity and Blender, slowly picking up on the process of game development. He started regularly joining the Ludum Dare game jam, trying out various genres and some overambitious ideas. At first he wasn’t familiar with programming at all, but that changed when he took on a larger project. He Googled solutions to small problems day by day, slowly building a little multiplayer FPS game called Bionic. That journey taught him the skills about programming and Blender that he would use to make original games. Since then, he has continued to join game jams every now and then, but mattlawr is primarily working on ENCHAIN.



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Matthew Lawrence