ENCHAIN links snappy platforming and hack + slash juggling with fast-paced retro FPS gunplay. Inspired by the competitive fighting genre and Quake, combo and smash the undead into pieces with your lantern hook and punchy arsenal of guns. And, with progression and verticality influenced by Metroidvanias and Dark Souls, tackle a single interconnected world chunk by chunk, retreading old paths and secrets. You are the last corpse that will ever rise from the stone depths, dooming all creation to a ceaseless death. This underworld does not welcome you. Unlock the secrets of the crypt, take back life from your fleshless brethren, and fight your own way out of humanity's tomb.


This solo project started in late 2017 as a Ludum Dare 40 entry, created in 72 hours. Theme: "The more you have, the worse it is." The concept in this first rough prototype was a simple, retro inspired FPS with a main grapple hook mechanic and a “burden” mechanic that treated enemies as the keys to doors. After about three months of working on this jam game, developer mattlawr (Matthew Lawrence) decided to rework the game as its next big project. A lot has changed in the two years since then, with tons of iteration and course corrections in the development. ENCHAIN is now moving into its final phase, and will be ready for full release planned in 2021.


  • Grapple, swing, and impale enemies with the Lantern Hook
  • Shoot, kick, and dive between platforming and combat
  • Break open and harvest the bones of the undead
  • Explore an intertwined, non-linear underworld
  • Listen to atmospheric, groovy music by Oliver Trinidad


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About mattlawr

mattlawr is solo indie game developer Matthew Lawrence who began making games in 2014. His current project is ENCHAIN, a small, experimental first person shooter.
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Matthew Lawrence
Oliver Trinidad